Andrew Bresnahan, MD, MSc, MPH, FRCGS

Andrew is a physician and anthropologist based in Labrador, Canada. 

An explorer and visual storyteller, Andrew's work brings him from rural and remote northern clinics to the communities and wild backcountry of the circumpolar world. 

Andrew was born in Nunatsiavut, on the north coast of Labrador, where he learned and practiced as a resident physician. He did his anthropological fieldwork on social determinants of health in the western Arctic, and is on a medical return of service agreement with Qikitani General Hospital and the Government of Nunavut.  

A Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Andrew has worked as a physician and anthropologist on expeditions throughout Inuit Nunaat, from Greenland and the Labrador coast across the Northwest Passage to the Western Arctic. An avid skier, climber, paddler, and outdoor educator, Andrew is at home on Canada’s north coast.  

Twitter: @andrewbresnahan         Instagram: andrewbresnahan